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How to promote a website on Vkontakte

You have to choose a community, which belongs to you. Or in which you have an admin access level, but now, the time has changed. So you don’t have to, have a community, you can create a sponsored post and just, input a link to your website or landing page. So it looks pretty simple, you go to your VK Accounts, ad manager then clicks create an ad. And here you can see a new type of ad, a website ad. So just click on it, here you should enter a link to your, website. Click proceed. And then just add a title, upload your logo, add a description, upload a picture. Here you can even see the dimensions of the picture. Then you may also choose a relevant button here and input a text near the button. And then you will see these same, targeting options as on every type of ad. At the bottom, you should only provide your, CPC rate. And create a new campaign and then click create ads.

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How to advertise your product or business on VK?

 social platform. So there are three general ways to promote a product on VK. The first one is the oldest one, it’s very simple, so the ad is placed on the left side of the VK interface. The ad has a small picture and short text.  So basically it’s not so good for a new product if you have a new product on this market or you have some complicated offer that the user may not understand reading you’re you know short text message or giving him a small image. This type of ad you’d better use if your product is known if you sell something that is known to Russian customers.

But if you have a new product in this market I recommend you to use the second way to advertise. So the second way is very similar to a Facebook-sponsored post. But on VK it’s called community posts advertising so it looks very similar to Facebook ads may have images or series of images, a video, long or short text, and an ad may contain even emojis.

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Create a VK fan page or group,

I would like to show you how to create your first fan page or group, how to set up all the settings, the sections here, your logo, your cover image how to make a post, what kind of content you can post, what are the dimensions of images here. So let’s start from the beginning. As you can see I have here a pretty fresh group. I described the differences between a group and a public page on VK in my blog post  But here I just would like to mention one main way how to see it,

How to understand whether it’s a fan page or group Here in this section. You can see “Members” so a group has members and a fan page or the public page has followers So in this example I have already created a group. So first of all you should have your private profile to be able to create a fan page or a group so you know it’s pretty easy, you should just go to VK main page. Here you can switch to English Then just type here your first name, last name, date of birth, and gender, and then just sign up, or you can use your profile on Facebook so you know it will just copy your name and first and last name, your email, so it’s just much easier Okay, so now let’s get back to our group So let’s assume that you already have your private profile,

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