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SoundCloud Scheduler Likes

Now the Soundcloud scheduler is a fantastic way to schedule and set up how you’re going to be re-posting and sharing your Buy Active Soundcloud Likes links. This also works really well with the RepostTrader and has tons of features built-in, so let’s take a quick look. The first thing you’re going to see is a new report section.

This is where we can choose from either having a template or start it from scratch. Directly under that, we have the track links section. This is where we put the links of the tracks we want to repost. This can be either playlists or individual tracks and this is very simple. I simply go to my Soundcloud, click on a playlist, copy the link, add a new track, copy a different link, and paste it in. Next, I have the start date. In this case, I’m going to go in the current time. Scrolling down we have the accounts to use. Now this will vary depending on your account.

How many accounts you’ve linked together

You’ll be able to select all your accounts right here and you can manage your accounts and groups right here. Or you can simply click inside, in this case, I’m gonna go with my personal Buy Active SoundCloud Likes account, and next, we have the options. On choosing when we’re going to un-repost these tracks. In this case, I’m going to set this to 10:00 hours. I’m gonna make sure that I have a comment at a random time and I’m going to like the tracks. Next, I’m going to have the amount of time in minutes between tracks so this is going to be how many minutes will pass by before the report scheduler will repost a new track.

Now I just have to exit out of that and as you see because I did clicks “Set Current Time” we have a warning just letting us know that that time has passed, that doesn’t really matter, it’s already been posted. Next are the options of our Auto Scheduler. This is much like the new repost section only this automatically schedules to be posted right away. We do the same thing or we can simply go to one of our tracks and copy and paste it.

We can choose what accounts to use.

When we’re going to un-repost comes that we’re going to leave at a random time and if we’re going to like the track. We hit submit and it’s good to go. It’s really that easy. As you see I have7 completed steps and 14 pending events and if you have reached your limit on how many pending events you can have, you simply click here and increase your limit. Next, let’s check out our schedules. The “My Schedule” section will give us a calendar view where we can see everything from months, the week, days and even a list for you.

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