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Buy Bulk SoundCloud Accounts


Buy Bulk SoundCloud Accounts


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How To Find Your SoundCloud RSS Feed

The first thing you need to do is to go to www.soundcloud.com and in the top right there’s a sign-in button so simply click that and then fill in your details to sign in Buy Bulk SoundCloud Accounts. Once you’ve logged in again go to the top right-hand corner and look for this cog that is the settings option. Then click that cog and then look for the settings tab which should be down the bottom of the list just about logout. Click the settings tab and this will bring you to your profile page.

And here you will see your RSS Feed and you can simply copy that RSS Feed. If you open a new tab you can paste that in and you can see that this is your RSS Feed here. So this link in your settings tab is your RSS Feed. And if you want to find your direct download mp3s when you’re in the RSS Feed just hit command F or control F if you are on a PC.

Buy Bulk SoundCloud Accounts

Then put dot mp3 in the search bar. You will then be able to see all of the URLs that have your mp3 files. Depending on how many you have will depend on how many are in there but that’s how you will find the direct download link inside your RSS Feed. Buy Bulk SoundCloud Accounts. Personally.

I don’t use the SoundCloud RSS Feed for iTunes or Stitcher or anything like that because it doesn’t give me full control and I want full control.

How to Promote on SoundCloud

I want to use myself as a case study and test out all of these different avenues that are available to use on the internet and try to figure outa way to generate revenue grow a fan base create an audience as an independent musician and I want to document it all and then hopefully you can watch all of this and use it today I’m trying some Soundcloud stuffSoundCloud is a platform I’m not really adept at using and I haven’t used a ton but I have definitely seen an uptick in my usage of it this year as.

I released them all as finished them on my SoundCloud page and now I’ve bundled them together into one EP to push the Spotify Apple music title all this stuff so I thought wellI’ve got my on Soundcloud let’s see if I can get some trash in there and just kind of see what it’s about like how can I win the game on SoundCloud because I know that that will translate into something cool

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