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Buy Active SoundCloud Reposts

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What else are they doing?

Buy Active SoundCloud Reposts I think every artist DJ/producer Is affected by what’s happening in the music industry right now,

so it’s really cool to see SoundCloud supporting their artists

It’s super simple to set up I’ll take you through it step-by-step and I encourage you to look in the description below.

I’m going to leave the link to a letter that the SoundCloud CEO Announced a few incentives that they’re releasing to support

their artists One of the highlights is probably their twitch partnership. So Automatically if you make a twitch account,

you’ll be given affiliate status, which means people can donate to you during your live stream

who are making their original music

They’re doing some really cool things for people So definitely apply for whatever grants or

things that they have going Because you never know if you get accepted.

It could really benefit your music in your career. Alright, so let’s get to it Okay,

so I’m just on my page at the moment, And as you can see sounds that have made it super obvious for people who are on your page.

They can click the support button and donate directly to you now.

How to SoundCloud making marketing

the way that you can get this set up is you just got to click the edit button and Then in your links section,

There’s actually going to be another Tab here for you to enter in your link. You can use PayPal cash up being camp or Kickstarter Patreon.

Whatever you use there are most platforms available there Just simply put your link in Save your changes and,

then it will do the rest I’m going to show you My other account so let’s go from scratch.

So on this account we’re gonna go edit we’re gonna go add a support link Put the link in Save Changes Bang it’s on there straight away.

What method used for SoundCloud

So that took two seconds. Now if you haven’t got anything set up already I’ll show you how to get it so real simple with PayPal Go money request Share your PayPal dot mean link set it up.

Get your link paste it in Hopefully that was helpful guys. Buy Active SoundCloud Reposts

I really encourage everyone to put themselves out there like it’s

I know it might feel a bit weird to like put a link out there and ask people to donate or whatever, but people genuinely Get inspired when they hear and see you doing what you’re doing And you just want to make it really easy for people to support you so no matter

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