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How to Find Group Boards on Pinterest

Buy Pinterest Accounts At the end of the video, I will tell you how you can get the Pinterest Group Boards Access CHECKLIST. It’s a free file with all the main things you need to check on your account and do it before you start applying to group boards. Also, I will include in this checklist an email template I used to get access to multiple Pinterest group boards when I was still a newbie on Pinterest.

what is the current situation with Pinterest Group boards?

Buy  Pinterest Accounts The biggest question which I have to answer before we dive into all the details is are group boards on Pintereststill efficient this year? in the middle of 2018 Buy, 3+ Month Old Pinterest Accounts Pinterest representatives gave a detailed interview to Buffer. One of the biggest statements in that video was about using group boards on Pinterest and I totally get it why so many of my viewers on YouTube asked about group boards constantly. There are lots of videos and articles that tell you that group boards on Pinterest are the only way to generate traffic. we are the best quality Pinterest Accounts

Are they stillefficient? 

Buy 3+ Month Old Pinterest Accounts  I bet you have! Because they’re usually the ones that are much easier to be accepted to. Now a thousand contributors and no pinning limits. Can this end up in a good way? No! Spam eventually takes over these boards and the board is losing the focus on one topic. As a consequence, even legspinners on those boards get low engagement scores for their pins and this is a confusing context based on all of the off-topic spam saved to the boards previously so Pinterest representatives explained that group boards should be only used for collaborations on projects to me it means that group boards have to be as focused on one topic or keyword.

Have you seen group boards with thousands of contributors?

any regular boards on your profile are and they shouldn’t involve large numbers of contributors what can you do about group boards on Pinterest we have to look at two different situations where one is if you are still relatively new on Pinterest and you don’t have any large group boards on your profile then you have two options first forget about group boards and work on your own buy Pinterest Accounts boards.

Are they stillefficient?

decrease distribution of pins save to those boards and because it is harder to join group boards Plus because we know that their power is only decreasing over time and who knows what might happen in the future with group boards right but for now Pinterest made it clear that they’re not fond of large spamming group boards so because of all of these reasons.

I say as a beginner don’t waste more than 10% of all your time and effort on Pinterest trying to apply to group boards now let’s talk about using this 10% of your time efficiently let’s move on to the next question people often ask me it’s how to find group boards on Pinterest how to choose the best ones and how to join them now let’s go to my boards and I’ll show you how Pinterest group boards look compared to regular boards on my profile.

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