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How to use Pinterest to build mood boards?

Tip number 1: Specific boards on Pinterest are more inspiring and more efficient than generic boards. Let me explain A generic topic to collect pictures for could be architecture More specific it is if you do “Bauhaus architecture” Even more specific would be “Bauhaus architecture that includes 90-degree angles”

If you do that, the more detail and specific you go, the more graphic your architecture board is going to get, and the more visually inspiring it will become. You could also collect seasons, for instance, I have a board about winter which you see here I’ll come back to that one in a couple of minutes, though You can do aboard for projects, for instance,

if you want to re-decorate your living room or you’re looking for inspiration to build yourself a DIY and crafts room, that’s a very concrete project so that’s an easy board to do Or you could be even more specific and not collect things, objects,

but collect textures or colors. If you are cool-skinned you can collect on one board cool colors. If you are warm-skinned you could for instance collect pictures of people who are warm-skinned for future inspiration for your own wardrobe and research or just to train your eye into recognizing warm and cool. Then if you also want boards that are more fashion specific,

which I highly encourage?

obviously – you could collect garment types like dresses, jackets, shoes, hats -I’ve been hearing you want a video about hats so I’m going to work on that one Or you could collect pockets of colors – whatever you like. You could organize several boards in a chronological way, for instance, fashion through the decades and you have one board by decade, or you can do that geographically.

Fashion in each continent, or in countries where you have already traveled to during your holidays and then you can fill in the gaps by traveling to more countries. That’s a great reason to travel. So you can make mood boards later You could also collect pictures by type of art, for instance, I do portrait photography,

but only things I have never seen before Not classical portraits of any kind I love that board and it made me discover a lady called Cindy Sherman, who is a great self-portrait photographer and I have been a fan of her since that time. So that’s how one board builds up my horizon a lot broader, so to say. So really that’s the essence of using Pinterest The more specific you get, the more inspiring it is, and the more you are going to learn on the way. see more later…

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